Point Cloud Creation

As the use of Light Detection and Ranging methods continues to grow so does the need for Point Cloud data. This type of data is a group of elevation points created from the combination of the LiDAR laser’s light reflecting from the earth’s surface, GPS coordinates, and inertial measurement unit data. The resulting data is extremely detailed and precise and can be used to create various 3D models.

In the past, hardware limitations have hindered the ability to work quickly and efficiently with large point cloud datasets. Now, Point Cloud scene layers are used to visualize your large volumes of 3D data in a manner that will capitalize your company’s workflow. Point Cloud scene layers are scalable, meanings areas you need to visualize are analyzed at a more optimal point resolution. In turn, these layers will help to facilitate the fast consumption and display of your point cloud datasets in ArcGIS products such as Scene Viewer or ArcGIS Pro.

We understand how complicated and messy LiDAR datasets can be so let us help you create customized Point Cloud datasets and layers for your company. Our team of decorated GIS and data analysts are ready to help you in the creation, implementation, and any future maintenance. So, whether you wish your 3D data to show a wide variety of features, from buildings to power lines, or simply want to organize it by elevation and intensity, Point Cloud and Aloft Geographic can do it all for you.