DSM for Topography

A Digital Surface Model (DSM) can be exceptionally helpful in determining the topography the land you and your team will be working with. Whether you are working on a civil project or would like assistance in determining the height and density of forest canopies, our team will be glad to help however we can.

We gather data with state-of-the-art LiDAR systems and utilize our professional processing workflows developed with years of experience to deliver the right models for your project. Throughout the workflow, we will account for the terrain’s roughness, as well as the resolution of the imagery, providing you with a product that is well suited to your individual needs.

You may intend to use these services for anything from extracting terrain parameters and analyze terrain or perform volume calculations and track mass movement. Regardless of your intention, we have you covered. Further, we will be happy to create the maps, 3d models, and other visualizations, so that you, your colleagues, and your stakeholders yield outcomes that are best suited to your needs.