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Custom GIS Applications to Solve
Real-world Challenges

    Maps are an efficient way of conveying information and you likely encounter them now more than ever. Our app development team is able to plan and create apps that meet your organizational needs. Whether you seek to make your neighbors aware of local flood risks or you wish to streamline the process in which you update and assign work orders, there are a myriad of mapping application options that our team can implement on your behalf.
    Aloft will consider your specific needs in order to plan and execute the tasks necessary to deliver a customized solution in the form of an application. Our team is confident that we can provide you and your colleagues with deliverables that meet your goals and provide you ongoing improvements that allow your organization to operate more efficiently and effectively.
    It is imperative that your GIS app development team is familiar with a variety of programming languages, in addition to other competencies such as a thorough understanding of data availability and dedication to comprehensive research. At Aloft, we are experienced with and knowledgeable of the utilization of programming languages for arcgis web mapping applications, among others. These skills can be put to use for all sorts of goals your organization may have set.
    Our web application development services can assist you in areas that include utility management, data collection, parcel mapping, and much more.  We will also provide on-sight or remote training for you and your department to get the most out of your custom app.  Contact our team for more information on how we can assist you with your next GIS application endeavor.

Whether you need your current apps modified or a completely new app, we are here to help.


Needs & Goals Assessment


Tailored Solutions Planning


Implementation & Training

Custom applications available for any device!

No matter your organization’s hardware choice, we’re able to put them to work!





With tremendous technological developments continuing impact every part of our daily life, spatial data is often more readily available than it has been in the past. Our applications help provide context and actionable data for these data sources.  Moreover, we are able to provide your organization with survey-grade data as needed.

811 Locate App

This custom application was created for 811 Utility Location Requests

Work Order Management System

Creating this custom application has helped this Sewer & Water Authority district migrate from paper to digital and work in real-time

Hydrant Test Dashboard

This dashboard allows managers to keep track of workload and location of hydrant flow testing