Data Collection

Collecting new data, while maintaining existing sets, is a fundamental task for an organization to accurately work with spatial data. Aloft Geographic manages a full range of data collection services by deploying our team of experienced data technicians into the field. Each member is equipped with a variety of precise GPS mapping systems, mobile devices, and feature surveys. Our integration of rugged field hardware coupled with an advanced understanding of electric, gas, water, and wastewater infrastructures guarantee quality data collected in all conditions and environments. As always, you can immediately analyze all collected data for the most proficient workflow.

If you have any concerns before a full-scale data collection project, then you can request a Pilot Data Collection Project. This process allows field technicians to build a solid foundation for GIS by sampling a variety of data features from the pilot site. After data collection, we are able to determine the best field practices and run the data through mapping software to confirm its accuracy and integrity. Thanks to the pilot project, any future roadblocks in the data are eliminated and it provides a more realistic estimate for total costs and completion dates for you.

Once all your data collection is complete, our team of GIS and field professionals will work with you to deliver a customized project service for analyzing and presenting your results.