Data Services and Support

When it comes to the time and labor intensive demands of GIS projects, we at Aloft Geographic understand your organizations’s desire to stay on point and ahead of the curve. Our data services are engineered to ensure your data is always accurate and reliable for timely and easy release on any of your platforms (desktop, mobile, web, etc.). Having encountered and overcome a wide range of data related issues when it comes to GIS, we are dedicated to assisting you surmount yours.

High Quality Data Services that Meet Your Specific Needs

Data Collection and Digitization

The Aloft Geo team consists of avid and accurate data services professionals that can get you public data or even private proprietary data. Have paper records already? We also offer digitizing services that allow you to move a more efficient digital format. Creating an electronic form will improve productivity and communication while securing a disaster recovery plan for your invaluable records.

Data Cleaning and Optimization

Having the data is one thing, but small kinks in its structure on the backend can cause confusion and chaos later on. We are here to consult, or complete, the re-formatting and loading of your data into GIS software in order to improve your organization’s efficiency.

Data Analysis

GIS projects can be a one-&-done effort or require constant review to interpret and analyze. Our GIS analysts can help you filter the necessary data to expedite and optimize your workflow.  Our team is experienced in performing advanced data analyses and can automate tasks by creating customized scripts, making the work of you and your colleagues easier than ever.

Data Migration

With continuous system updates or replacements, the correct standardizing and converting of your datasets is critical for your company to flawlessly integrate between systems and capitalize on technology formats. Regardless of the size of the geodatabase migration you need, we have the experience to get it done.

Data Modeling and Map Production

Work with us to create your own customized story maps to show off your data in a way that graphs and charts can’t. Aloft Geographic even offers web-based applications that allow users to complete work orders out in the field while in-office staff can view and analyze incoming data in real time.

Data Implementation and Maintenance

The Aloft Geo team consists of avid and accurate GIS workers, but perhaps just as important is their ability to work with it afterward. If at any point you encounter issues, we are prepared to offer our expertise for assistance so you can get back to streamlining your efforts.