Oblique & Nadir Imagery

Employing drones and state-of-the-art imagery acquisition systems, Aloft Geographic’s Imagery services have produced high quality aerial views of any location for years. These images have been utilized by our users for a variety of purposes such as utilities mapping, property insurance and permit assessment, and agricultural land evaluations. It starts with us providing with a 360-degree view of your property or parcel, from oblique (angled) and/or nadir (straight-down) images. Working to your specifications, the raw imagery data is processed and developed into high-resolution images that are color-balanced and georeferenced. Interact with, measure, and analyze all sides of a structure or ground features in full confidence as our teams are held to rigorous quality standards during all stages of collection and processing.

Additionally, you can use ArcGIS to buildout custom web apps with your Oblique/Nadir Imagery. Loading the georeferenced metadata imagery into a mosaic dataset, you can turn it into a dynamic image service for you and your users to zoom or pan to any location. Even control who has access to and editing abilities of this information across your entire company with ArcGIS Online and/or Enterprise GIS. Click here for more information on Enterprise GIS.