About Us

About us

We Bring The World to Your Fingertips

Aloft Geographic is a client-centric firm that takes pride in providing geospatial solutions to individuals and organizations from an array of industries across the country. In us, you will find a dedicated and compassionate team of talented individuals who are prepared to take your project from start to finish while exhibiting the upmost efficient and effective practices in the field. When it comes to GIS, LiDAR, imagery, geometrics, and other geospatial services, you can be rest assured that Aloft is determined to help you and your association plan, implement, maintain, and excede the goals you’ve set.

Aloft Geographic LLC

Our Recipe for Your Success

Whether you are in need of services related to GIS, LiDAR, imagery, or a mixture of each, we’re prepared to offer you expert advision and approach toward every aspect of your needs.  Our company goes the extra mile to assure your success.

On the Cutting Edge of Our Field

We’re not only knowledgeable of current and historical trends in our industry, we anticipate developments which are likely to occur in the future. To the benefit of our clientele, we’ve established and maintained a position as early adopters of soft and hard technologies.

Diligent Industry Professionals 

Our team is composed of compassionate and educated professionals who take their work seriously; we go the extra mile to provide deliverables that are tailored to the individuals needs of our clients. When choosing Aloft to complete a project, you’ve placed your trust in good hands.

Better Every Day

Regardless of one’s position within Aloft, every employee expects to know more today than they did yesterday. Whether we’re rigorously training for another certification, attending seminars, or networking with corporate leadership, we are in a state of constant improvement.

Our Work Revolves Around You

At Aloft, we put clients first and enjoy building long lasting relationships with those we serve. Our organization has a long history of making our best work the baseline and we’ve developed an excellent reputation. We continue to maintain relationships that have lasted for decades.

Our Background

Delivering Geospatial Solutions for
Nearly 40 Years

Aloft Geographic is the product of excellence in the field of surveying as Abraham Land Surveying, a company that was established in 1982. After exploring, implementing, and perfecting practices that went beyond those of common place geomatics, it became necessary to organize the corresponding resources and personnel into what is now Aloft Geographic LLC. The two companies remain in close partnership and working with one another to deliver exceptional service to our clients.


Tad Abraham

Founder, SC PLS

Cooper Ress

GIS Lead

Tyler Hill

Field Technician & Draftsman

Eric Harkins

Unmanned Remote Sensing Consultant, Strategic Partnerships