GIS Services

Aloft Geographic offers GIS services to a wide range of customers. Some of our customers include federal, state, local, and commercial businesses. Click around to see the different types of services we offer. 

Our Work

Work Order Management Application


Aloft Geographic has moved customers off of paper and onto easy to use, reliable web applications. These applications allow employees to update their work live in the field, allowing managers and office employees full insight on where their employees are. Web applications are a great way to allow teams to stay informed with the latest data and allows managers to make analysis using real live data.

Collector Application- Take maps offline

Collector has helped many teams take their data offline to work in the field collecting data. Once employees return, they are able to push up their edits.


Create Storymaps for Public Use

Storymaps are a great tool to visualize historic events, public events, town maps, and more. They are interactive and easy to use  allowing the public to engage in data.

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